Taco Trucks

Amazing Custom Taco Trucks!

MSM Catering Truck Manufacturing specializing in fabricating amazing taco trucks across the United States.  No matter what kind of taco truck you need, we an make your dream come true.  Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.  At MSM Catering Truck Manufacturing we understand and appreciate the investment you are making in your business with a new taco truck or gourmet catering truck.  We proudly stand by our work and our design team coordinates with each chef to create the perfect atmosphere for their food business.  MSM Catering Truck Manufacturing has been designing and manufacturing taco trucks for over 23 years, with fabrication experience of over 30 years.

MSM Catering Truck Manufacturing will work with you to accommodate all your taco truck cooking equipment needs and design preferences.  Our custom manufacturing process is truly customized kitchens that all our clients need and require to prepare the cuisine possible for capturing their target market.

MSM Catering Truck Manufacturing not only builds the nicest taco trucks and trailers in the nation, but we can also custom build anything you can imagine. In these uncertain times, the taco truck industry has been performing very well.  Taco truck businesses that cater to fast, delicious and inexpensive food demands are the ones that are making good money.  MSM Catering Truck Manufacturing can provide you with all the things necessary in your new taco truck to generate a positive return on your investment right away!

Contact us today regarding building you a new taco truck.  We can be reached at (562) 272-4595 or by email at: msmcustom@gmail.com.