Gourmet Trucks

Awesome Custom Designed Gourmet Trucks!

Let MSM Catering Truck Manufacturing design and build you a gourmet food truck today!  We your your number #1 gourmet food truck & trailer manufacturer.  We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround time, competitive pricing and the best quality in the business.  MSM Catering Truck Manufacturing can custom fabricate your gourmet truck to meet your individual business and personal needs.  MSM Catering Truck Manufacturing has been designing and manufacturing gourmet trucks for over 23 years, with fabrication experience of over 30 years.

Our gourmet food trucks are designed around your personal requests.  Each gourmet truck is built to order so that you will have the best mobile kitchen to work with.  MSM Catering Truck Manufacturing uses the highest manufacturing standards, our gourmet trucks are all built with the quality and durability as a top priority.  MSM Catering Truck Manufacturing employs the latest technology throughout it’s gourmet food trucks.  With your custom design you can provide a unique customer experience, with POS systems, LCD Screens, Lights, Direct TV or WiFi.  We know how to help you draw a good crowd!

Choose from a large selection of gas ranges, fryers, freezers, cooling appliances, generators and water handling units.  Every gourmet truck is built to specification.  We also help guide you with choices to help select a gourmet truck equipped correctly to ensure health code compliance in your city or state.  With unsurpassed experience in designing and building gourmet food trucks, MSM Catering Truck Manufacturing has marked each anniversary with innovations in gourmet food truck design, function and efficiency.

Contact us today regarding building you a new gourmet truck.  We can be reached at (562) 272-4595 or by email at: msmcustom@gmail.com.