Motion Pictures Trucks

Satisfy Hungry Cast and Crew Members with a Custom Designed Motion Picture Truck!

MSM Catering Truck Manufacturing is your reliable source for designing and building custom motion picture food trucks.  We understand that they need to be designed to feed hundreds of hungry cast and crew members.  We build motion pictures trucks with the highest quality materials and an efficient design so that you can supply quality food in a timely manner.  By buying one of our custom designed motion picture food trucks, you will be the star of the industry.

Our goal is to provide you with a motion picture truck that out does the competition.  Since we are local to Hollywood and the studios, you have easy access to our design and fabrication crew.  You will feel completely supported by our staff.  If you have a great culinary idea that will wow Hollywood types, then this is the business for you.  The studios are always looking for good food options to please their crew, staff and cast members.  Let MSM Catering Truck Manufacturing design and build you a motion picture food truck today!  We your your number #1 motion picture truck & trailer manufacturer.

Choose from a large selection of gas ranges, fryers, freezers, cooling appliances, generators and water handling units.  Every motion picture truck is built to specification.  We also help guide you with choices to help select a motion picture truck equipped correctly to ensure health code compliance in your city or state. MSM Catering Truck Manufacturing uses the highest manufacturing standards, our motion picture trucks are all built with the quality and durability as a top priority. MSM Catering Truck Manufacturing not only builds the nicest motion picture trucks and trailers in the nation, but we can also custom build anything you can imagine.

Contact us today regarding building you a new motion picture truck.  We can be reached at (562) 272-4595 or by email at: