Ice Cream Trucks

One Stop Custom Ice Cream Truck Manufacturer

MSM Catering Truck Manufacturing custom designs ice cream trucks for your food business.  No expense is spared in supplying your business with the best quality truck and equipment in the market today.  Our ice cream trucks are skillfully designed by craftsmen and mechanics that build your ice cream truck to order.

We understand that your ice cream truck needs to be designed to meet your business and personal requirements.  We discuss all the details of your ice cream truck before we start designing and building according to your needs and desires.  We also make sure to design according to your budget.  We build your ice cream truck using our own street experience so that you have a comfortable and reliable ice cream truck to work in.

MSM Catering Truck Manufacturing is dedicated to improving the ice cream truck industry by providing you with the necessary tools, information and custom ice cream trucks.  Owning an ice cream truck gives you the freedom from the normal 9 to 5 rat race and the happiness that comes with that freedom.  Ice cream truck owner operators can sell as much as $250,000 a year in ice cream with just a few trucks or carts in good steady locations.

We have all the skills and knowledge to provide you with exactly what you need for your ice cream truck.  Whether is is cold plate freezers, ice cream truck music boxes, ice cream truck signs, ice cream truck stickers, slushie machines, soft serve machines and much more, we work with you on every detail of your custom ice cream truckMSM Catering Truck Manufacturing has been designing and manufacturing ice cream trucks for over 23 years, with fabrication experience of over 30 years.

Contact us today regarding building you a new ice cream truck.  We can be reached at (562) 272-4595 or by email at: