Specializing in the manufacture of custom mobile food trucks, motion picture trucks, trailers, and ice cream trucks. You dream it and we can build it. We will help to bring your vision to life with unique quality and customization that is equal to none other.

Our years of experience in manufacturing custom mobile food trucks attracts large-scale food vendors and small business owners alike. Whether you’re looking for a mobile catering trailer for events, a BBQ smoker trailer for competitions, or a single-item food truck (examples: ice cream trucks; funnel cake trailers; sushi food trucks), we build to please.

When Catering trucks are mentioned, many people think of hotdog and taco trucks,  but today’s trucks are usually much more sophisticated, offering considerably more than simply serving pre-cooked food. Patrons can enjoy a healthy meal, freshly cooked to order, of a quality comparable to many conventional restaurants. In fact, an increasing number of aspiring chefs and restaurateurs are finding food concession trucks to be the most affordable way to break into the business. Mobile Vending Food Trucks are one of the fastest growing industries in today’s economy! Food trucks require less investment and start-up costs than a brick and mortar restaurant business, and are a practical way to bring your own unique culinary ideas to the people

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Our custom manufacturing process is truly customized kitchens that all our clients need and require to prepare the cuisine possible for capturing their target market. MSM Catering Truck Manufacturing not only builds the nicest custom catering trucks and trailers in the nation, but we can also custom build anything you can imagine.


Our gourmet food trucks are designed around your personal requests.  Each gourmet truck is built to order so that you will have the best mobile kitchen to work with with the best craftsmanship possible.  MSM Catering Truck Manufacturing uses the highest manufacturing standards, our gourmet trucks are all built with the quality and durability as a top priority.


We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround time, competitive pricing and the best quality in the business.  MSM Catering Truck Manufacturing can custom fabricate your gourmet truck to meet your individual business and personal needs.  MSM Catering Truck Manufacturing has been designing and manufacturing gourmet trucks for over 23 years, with fabrication experience of over 30 years.